Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference is a 3½-day, nationally recognized conference to find answers to today’s complex health issues in our inner cities and rural areas; bringing together faith leaders, leading medical experts, health directors, community health workers, members of congregational health ministries and public health professionals to increase the skills and knowledge of those responsible for leading congregational and community health ministries.

The theme of the 4th Annual Healthy Churches 2020 Conference was: Faith and Public Health:  Leading Together to Find Solutions! The focus of the conference was how faith leaders and public health professionals can work together to provide life-saving information and support to African Americans in the arenas of disease state awareness, disease management and prevention, which includes: Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, clinical trial engagement and more.


Bringing Faith & Public Health Together To Help Eliminate Health Disparities Affecting African-Americans

2017 Conference In Review