Mrs. Sharon Hawks is the owner and director of the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center, in Glenn Dale, Maryland outside of Washington D.C. She is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and one of the 19,000 elite certified diabetes educators in the U.S. Mrs. Hawks received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and her master’s from Central Michigan University in the field of dietetics. She has obtained additional certifications in the areas of physical fitness and health coaching. Through her practical, engaging and humorous style of education, her patients and clients has deemed her the “Diabetes Whisperer,” due to her unique ability to help facilitate lasting change in persons with diabetes. She has over 25 years’ experience as a nutrition expert, diabetes educator, public speaker and soon-to-be published author. It should be mentioned that Mrs. Hawks served in the military for many years and is a retired Air Force Major.

She chairs the health ministry at her church, Reid Temple AME, where she oversees the medical emergencies of the congregation along with conducting seminars, screenings and education on health and wellness topics throughout the year. Her prayer is, “If you can use anything God, use me!