Project Description

Institute A3: Session C – Analyzing Data in Program Evaluation:  Now That We Have the Data, What’s Next?

Tuesday, Nov. 13
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Valerie AnnDenise Brown, Dr. PH
Director of Evaluation
The Balm In Gilead
New York, NY

Joyce Moon Howard, Dr. PH
Director of Undergraduate Programs in Global Public Health
and Clinical Associate Professor at the College of Global Public Health
New York University
New York, NY

Most of us struggle to develop forms or records and collect surveys to determine how many attended our programs and whether they liked it…..but then what?

This interactive workshop will focus on how to make the most of data you collect.  Using a user-friendly style and format, this session will cover the step by step process of data management and simple techniques for examining how well your program is functioning.  Ethics and confidentiality issues in collecting and handling sensitive data including PHI (personal health Information) will be discussed.  We will also review evaluation reporting requirements of stakeholders and funders and strategies for meeting those requirements.

Employing case studies, we will walk through examples from various programs in the field. Illustrations will be provided for using both quantitative and qualitative data.  Participants will work in pairs or teams on data management and analysis cases. The session objectives are to:

a.  Delineate approaches for collecting program and participant level data
b.  Identify techniques and software for organizing and managing data
c.  Discuss ethics and confidentiality requirements and best practices in handling data.
d.  Describe strategies for examining and comparing data trends and patterns
e.  Discuss common elements for evaluation reports