Project Description

Institute A4: Session D – Fostering the Development of Positive Health Behavioral Change through Christian Discipleship

Tuesday, Nov. 13
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Rev. Brian R. Thompson, Sr.
Senior Pastor
Simon Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Fayetteville, NC

Rev. Dr. Garland F. Pierce
Executive Director
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Nashville, TN

This session will examine the moral authority and transformational leadership of Jesus to identify strategies, motivation and role models to inspire Christians to take greater ownership of their health. Christian educators will learn how to help others take action to change their lifestyles and to align their faith and beliefs with biblical principles regarding health and wholeness and one’s enhanced spiritual life.

Discussions will also explore Christian education training or mentoring programs that can be designed to support positive health outcomes through an individual’s walk with Christ.