Dr. Marino A. Bruce

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Marino A. Bruce, PhD, MSRC, MDiv
Associate Director, Center for Research on Men’s Health (CRMH); Research Associate Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society; and Director, CRMH Program for Research on Faith and Health, Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Bruce is also an ordained Baptist Minister who serves as an Associate Minister at Cade Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. He is a social and behavioral scientist and who examines the full range of health determinants for African Americans and their risk factors for chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Bruce’s graduate training in Rehabilitation Counseling and Divinity undergirds his current program of research exploring the intersection of religious, spiritual, social, psychological, and behavioral factors impacting the health of African American boys and men. He draws upon 2 decades of experience as a scientist and service as clergy in multiple African American churches to leverage the strengths of research-, community-, and faith-based approaches to improve the health of disadvantaged populations. Dr. Bruce has published in leading health science journals and some of his most recent work has been featured in global media outlets such as USA Today, The Today Show, and Time Magazine.