Born in New Orleans, Louisiana this gifted Master Teacher, wordsmith and biblical storyteller, Rev. Dr. Johnnie Ray Youngblood was called to serve Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY in 2002.

For Brooklyn and the greater metropolitan area, the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church has become the headquarters for the Project Safe Surrender – a social justice program that aggressively assists in the decriminalization of a people.

Mt Pisgah has also been blessed to experience its first Commemoration of The MAAFA (2016). Mt. Pisgah is God’s new platform to use Dr. Youngblood to “do it again” but in a different and greater way. His Late Pastor William A. Jones shared a proverb with Dr. Youngblood that goes something like this:” My primary ambition in life is to find a field and then leave it better than I found it.” He is a consummate pastor, teacher, organizer, leader, artist and prophet. His work is widely recognized and has earned him great respect for producing the phenomenal, by challenging the traditional and empowering oppressed people to achieve the impossible.